Lightning Wired Bluetooth EarPods Head/EarPhone Handsfree For IPhone 7 8 Plus X

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This type of headphone is more suitable for those who do not like to isolate themselves from external sounds and want to be aware of what is happening around while listening to their favorite music. This allows you to comfortably and with pleasure listen to your favorite music, useful training or audio books and at the same time understand and hear what is happening around. Wherever you are, whether it’s a subway, football match, nightclub, or building site, with earphones for Apple iPhone EarPods, you can not Just enjoy your favorite and high-quality music, but also be aware of the events surrounding you. Also these headphones have a very beautiful design, similar to the design of the original iPhone EarPods, a music switch, a microphone and a call acceptance buttonInstructions for first time set up:
• Step 1 your phone must be switched on.• Step 2 Switch your Bluetooth on in your iPhones settings.• Step 3 Plug your new headphones in to the iPhones charging/headphone port.• Step 4 Select the “LIGHTNING” option in your Bluetooth search, connect your new headphones.
Devices Supported by these headphones
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X

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